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                  The Australian Fabians: more than just talk!

                  We promote debate, encourage research, and publish commentary, into political ideas and public policy reform. We host regular policy forums, conferences, dinners, and networking events with high profile guest speakers.?

                  The Australian Fabians are committed to:?

                  • A fairer and more sustainable Australia.

                  • Promoting progressive values in the community.

                  • Developing solutions to the biggest policy challenges of today.?

                  ?Support our aims? Find our more about becoming a Fabian?

                  • Upcoming events

                    Adelaide Book Launch - Winning for Women | Iola Mathews

                    When: Thursday, June 06, 2019 at 06:00 PM
                    Where: Flinders University at Victoria Square in Adelaide , Australia

                    2019 Post-Election Analysis

                    When: Monday, June 10, 2019 at 06:00 PM
                    Where: Rosie O'Grady's in Northbridge, Australia

                    Who's attending
                    Derek Branton David Worth Morena Evans John Morrissey Eliza Trunfull Mitchell Gillies Kay Hallahan Neil Herbert Simon Barry Robert Ballucci Jeanette Evans Matt Swinbourn Chris Cox Rhys Hayes Julie Jennings Peter Quinn Jason McFarlane Ashley Buck Anna Johnson Rhys James Graham Hansen Stella Files Eversley Mortlock Andrea Webster Antonio Casella Angela Balinski Garry Sturgess Rod Schoneveld Mescal Yates Susan Bowers Geoff Baker Helen Olivieri Matthew Weber Damien Smith Ivy James Martin Rodrigues Luke Spartalis Lawson Regan Susan Le sueur Timothy Dymond Angela Briant Caitlin Collins Mathew Baskerville Natalie Mast Anthony Williams Brett Osler Brodie Park Jessica Shaw
                  • Latest from the blog

                    Essay - Living Wage | Meredith Hammat

                    Our recent polling shows that Australia sees a Living Wage, as the best and most effective way to address Wealth Inequality.? Persistent, unfair and unequal distribution of income and wealth weakens us all. It creates pressure across generations, particularly for younger Australians but it also affects their relationship to other generations within families and communities. Inequality fosters other injustices and I’ve chosen to discuss the equalising impact of a Living Wage on two other important aspects of Australian society - poverty and the unfair and unequal financial outcomes of women compared with men. The policy of a Living Wage is one important measure in our moving towards, and to some extent returning to, being a fairer and more equal society
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                    The Transformative Potential of New Zealand’s Well-Being Economics

                    New Zealand's Labour Finance Minister has deemed his government's upcoming 2019 budget to be New Zealand’s first ‘Well-Being Budget’, based on data and goals set through their?‘Living Standards Framework’. Charlie Joyce here argues that such a?well-being budget is an example of social democratic theory in practice, and?advocates the adoption of such a model and standards by a future Shorten-led Australian Labor Government, with its emphasis on 'Well-Being Economics'. Charlie is a member of the Victorian Labor Party and is on the executive of the Victorian Fabians. ?
                    Continue reading
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